Container Desiccant Products

Container Desiccant Products: TROPAsorb ContainerDry bags contain a desiccant specially developed for the protection of containers, which absorbs moisture particularly intensive. TROPAsorb has been specially developed to protect from rust, corrosion, mold, mildew and other moisture damage when transpported over long distances. The required quantity depends on the size of the container. For a 20-foot corrugated metal container, approx. 6.5 kg filled in the corresponding TROPAsorb bag size is usually sufficient, for a 40-foot container approx. 13 kg of TROPAsorb desiccant is normally sufficient.

Bag material: in the standard version, TROPAsorb container desiccants consist of Tyvek (front side) and PE-foil (back side). The Tyvek, an extremely resistant fabric made of spun polyolefin fibers, allows diffusion of moisture so that it can be absorbed by the drying agent. The PE-foild on the back side of the TROPAsorb-Bag largely prevents soaking when loaded. NOTE: CDP236K the special 5x200g version has Tyvek front and back.

Absorption capacity +/-10% in % of weight: 75% @ 40%RH, 145% @ 60%RH, 230% @ 80%RH, 285% @ 90%RH.

Example absorption capacity: CDP236K is a chain of 5×200 gram bags (Total 1 kg) with a hook to hang them in the contianer. If we assume a sea transport with 60%RH (relative humidity) and a shipping time long enough to saturate the bags with moisture. Then the bags will absorb 145% moisture compared to the 1 kg dry weight, so they will absorb 1.45 kg of moisture and total weight will be 1 + 1.45 = 2.45 kg when saturated.

ContainerDry 125g bags 130x210mm (Box 75pcs)
Abrasec: CDP232B

ContainerDry 200g bags 130x280mm (Box 32pcs)
Abrasec: CDP233D

ContainerDry 200g bags w. Hook 130x200mm (Box 32pcs)
Abrasec: CDP234F

ContainerDry 2x400g bags w. Hook 230x600mm (Box 8pcs)
Abrasec: CDP235H

ContainerDry 5x200g bags chain w. Hook 130x1500mm (Box 7pcs)
Abrasec: CDP236K

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