Mol Sieve Desiccant

Molecular sieve (Mol Sieve): Suitable for pharmaceutics and diagnostics, as well as special technical applications Molecular Sieves can be produced with different pore size, from 3 Ångström (Angstrom) and larger. Common pore sizes are: 3Å, 4Å, 5Å, 10Å / 13X and they are often written 3A, 4A, 5A, 10A / 13X. Silica Gel and Clay have many different pore sizes and will therefore adsorb most chemicals, but Molecular Sieves with small pores can only adsorb small molecules like water and will not adsorb large molecules. When packed together with Silica Gel, the Molecular Sieves can remove moisture from the Silica Gel.

Molecular Sieve is available many different bead sizes and also in pellets (rods). There’s also many different pore sizes. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Mol Sieve 4A 2.5-5mm Beads (bulk per kg)
Abrasec: MSD226J
Tropack: RMA000205

Mol Sieve 4A-8BL 1.5-2.6mm Beads (bulk per kg)
Abrasec: MSD227M
Tropack: RMA000005

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