Standard Mil-D 3464 E

Mil-D 3464E is a U.S. military specification for clay and silica gel bags. One “Unit” is the amount needed to adsorb 3 grams of water at 25˚C and 20% RH, and also 6 grams at 40% RH. The approximate weight of a unit is one ounce, when dry.


Type I – the basic requirements for absorption, reactivation, dusting, and durability.

Type II – same requirements as Type I, but with a fabric that’s low dust (usually Tyvek).

Type III – same requirements of Type I, but with a fabric that’s resistance to hot water.

Specification for dust is less than 5.0 mg/unit for Type I and III, and less than 0.5 mg/unit for Type II.


Mil Spec. bags can be reactivated in an oven. On each bags is printed the temperature and time needed. After reactivation, the bags must have 90% of their original adsorption capacity and be able to pass a drop test, to show that the sealing is still intact.


This information shall be printed on each bag:

  • Desiccant, Activated, Bagged For Package Use and Static Dehumidification
  • MIL-D-3464
  • Type I, II, or III
  • Manufacturer’s designation
  • Number of Unit’s
  • Reactivation temperature in bag ____ºF
  • Reactivation time ____ hours
  • Manufacturer’s name and address

Download standard MIL-D 3464E

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