Shock and Vibration

Shockmaster is a mechanical device which may be installed to monitor shock and vibration. If the Shockmaster is found to be in a “tripped” condition (with bright red signal band exposed in the dome), it is evident that excessive shock has been experienced

Shockmaster is available in these versions:

Shockmaster 5g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV222A
AGM: TA280-018-005

Shockmaster 10g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV223C
AGM: TA280-018-010

Shockmaster 10g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV224E
AGM: TA280-018-010-C5

Shockmaster 15g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV225G
AGM: TA280-018-015

Shockmaster 15g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV226J
AGM: TA280-018-015-C5

Shockmaster 20g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV227M
AGM: TA280-018-020

Shockmaster 20g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV228P
AGM: TA280-018-020-C5

Shockmaster 25g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV229R
AGM: TA280-018-025

Shockmaster 25g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV232B
AGM: TA280-018-025-C5

Shockmaster 30g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV233D
AGM: TA280-018-030

Shockmaster 30g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV234F
AGM: TA280-018-030-C5

Shockmaster 35g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV235H
AGM: TA280-018-035

Shockmaster 35g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV236K
AGM: TA280-018-035-C5

Shockmaster 40g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV237N
AGM: TA280-018-040

Shockmaster 40g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV238Q
AGM: TA280-018-040-C5

Shockmaster 50g (+/-10%)
Abrasec: SAV239S
AGM: TA280-018-050

Shockmaster 50g (+/-5%)
Abrasec: SAV242C
AGM: TA280-018-050-C5

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