Moisture Barrier Bags

We pack products in Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB) and we can also supply empty bags. These bags are available in many different sizes and also in different standards. The ability of the material to keep moisture out is usually quantified by the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), that’s measured in the unit gram per square meter per day (g/m²·day), or the unit gram per 100 square inch per day (g/100in²·day). Lower value is better, as it takes longer time for moisture to come into the bag. The MVTR value is also dependent on the temperature and the vapor pressure outside the bag.

Example of specification for material used in a high quality bag:
Thickness 125 micron (0.125 mm)
Basic weight 138 grams/meter2
Tensile strength 67N/15 mm
Puncture strength 56N
Sealing conditions 180 oC +/- 10oC
Sealing Strength 56N/15 mm
Temperature resistance -40oC to +80oC
Water transmission <0.006g/m2/24 hours (DIN 53122)
Oxygen transmission <0.006cc/m2/24 hours (DIN 53380)
MVTR & O2 test conditions (25oC 75% RH)  

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